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    "Jeff's CRACKED acronym makes biblical truths accessible and understandable to new readers, while giving scholars a reminder of the most important and often neglected aspects of biblical interpretation."

    Ron Bowell

    Bishop of the BIC Midwest Conference

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    This CRACKED "cheat sheet" includes a short description of each of the letters that make up the CRACKED acronym. CRACKED was developed by Jeff to help pastors and laypeople read & understand the Scriptures better than ever before.
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    "Early Meaning and Manuscripts"

    Who is Jeff Piepho?

    He’s the Founding Pastor of Revolution Church, host of, and has taught Pastors and Church leaders worldwide how to better interpret the Bible.

    Using his masters degree in Christian Apologetics from Biola University (now Talbot Theological Seminary), Jeff hosts a popular podcast and radio show, Truth Revolution. It is where “faith and reason meet” as they tackle science, mathematics, archeology, and logic, integrating them into faith, Biblical studies, and religion. Truth Revolution was heard on thirteen radio channels and podcasts, as well as broadcasts on TV and YouTube.

    Another passion Jeff has is for adoption and foster care. He, and his wife, Meadow, have been foster parents for over fifty children and have adopted six! He is the former President of KFAPA (the Kansas Foster and Adoptive Parent Association).

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